LOCKDOWN VIBES – Confined, not caged

LOCKDOWN VIBES – Confined, not caged

The ‘2020’ – that we will remember wild and vividly, a year where months literally fell right out of the calendar – Where homes became new workplace, managers became full time maids, zoom was the new classroom – Where hours lasted for a week, a week for a fortnight, and fortnight for months…

This year is an epic reminder of: Humans plan, but the higher force decides. Just look around man, none of us thought we would be in this state! We were planning for trips and targets and what not!  And when the deciding factor is not in our hands, there awaits uncertainty, the panic around it, struggle and stress of which, some ignore, some endure. Being positive isn’t that only good is going to happen, it means to have a mind-set that no matter what happens, it sure as hell is going to be good for you. The news might panic you, the rumours might stress you, the pain of so many will make your heart heavy, the economy and what dangers might be waiting ahead may bring a lot of insecurity……but…If the situations are beyond your control, what do you do then? 

Take a pause- Process- Trust the wait. There’s a plethora of possibilities and opportunities when nothing is certain. Feel the power that came along with the last line. When we try to control everything, we enjoy nothing. In the phase of such uncertainty and physical confinement, whilst it can be solid frustrating and boring, it brings so much of transcendence along with it if channelized.

Keeping calm in difficult situations is that superhuman power which will take you to heights you never thought existed. For people who’re keen on bettering themselves and situations around them treat self-growth as a fixed factor and not variable factor. A lot of people come back saying this isn’t the time of self-growth, it’s about survival. To which I say, some look at the dark cloud and dwell on it, some look at the silver lining and dwell on that. If sheer survival is the only thing to do right now, then how come so many of us are netflixing and chilling literally all day? Do people really chill if their survival is in a question mark? Or because it’s always an easier way out, a quick temporary solution.

Currently there are concerns related to survival of the less financially stable class. They have genuine troubles and are fighting every single day to see another day. I pray strength and well-being to them. Apart from this class, the more financially stable ones have the full-fledged opportunity to outgrow themselves in so many ways. Observe how nicely you have adapted to self-cleaning, home organising, trying new art forms, all of these you wouldn’t do otherwise.

My favourite part of lockdown so far has been how, in the wave of extension followed by extension making it more and more stressful, is watching so many of you be like, ‘Stress? Nah, gonna learn to bake bread, from the scratch, bitch!’ To the entertaining cooks of the homes, with entertaining end products in hand, cheers to you  😛

It’s a fundamental thing about humans, to get creative in confinement as well. Do what pleases you now that you have so much of time in your hands. It’s a vacation from normalcy that you have received for the first time and hoping it be for the last time as well. Like every other phase, this too is going to end. Build on the ideas and relations that you had left in laze. You’re priority is your well-being by maintaining isolation and staying hygienic. It’s not necessary to follow a trendy fitness challenge or get into social media pressure. Take an off time. Every bit of you is so worthy and is calling for your attention. If you can, don’t waste it is snoozing this precious time that you have got with yourself after so many years. You are confined, not caged.

Time is like an empty suitcase, that you can’t resist to fill with all sort of unnecessary things and then grumbling that the space is never enough. More than ever before, is it so important to work on ourselves today. It’s an interesting take, the moment humans got infected, the earth began to heal, the moment humans were confined, every other species roamed free. Feels as if nature legit grounded us for what we’ve been doing to it since decades.

Imagine the pandemic is over, and we finally come out of our houses. We see the animals that are beautifully co-existing, the world has reopened and because we have been working on ourselves we have become more sensible, we are better connected than ever before, thriving with passion and love, we’ve become more grateful, considerate, more appreciative of the beauty of life and human connections. And with all of this we rebuild the world intentionally and sustainably. And this, in my opinion, is the only and only option to save ourselves from the next huge but evitable calamity on our way – CLIMATE CRISIS. While we’re at home, we have to save our home.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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Madhvi Panchal

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  1. Nice narration of CATCH 22 situation of human life in this extra ordinary COVID 19 environment.
    It’s a testing time for all of us but discipline,social distancing,hygiene practices are not only need of the hour but also should be part and partial of our life.
    Pranayama infuses enthusiasm and Meditation is must for mental health.
    It reduces stress,makes mind sharp so as to equip you to face the world with better options.
    I appreciate your efforts.Yes,it’s also a time to finish unfinished ambitions!
    Keep Writing!

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