When You’re Moving On

When You’re Moving On

Imagine carrying an almost empty bag with just bare minimum essentials kept in it. In our mind, we know the bag is empty, so it won’t harm filling up the volume right!?..so we keep filling item by item, from essentials to absolutely unrequired things, thinking it’ll be useful when “Just In case”…. And there, we end up stuffing so much that it gets impossible to zip the back pack now! Also, that “Just In case” never happens…😐

Naturally, what we do next? Remove the least important items of all, right? Who likes unnecessary baggage when there is an option to roam light and free. Then why do we carry the burden of past like it is an essential? Why do we not see that the bag is so full that it’s just not getting zipped anymore? Why are we afraid to let go and move on?

If physical baggage causes so much of pain, imagine what emotional baggage accumulated since so many years do on emotional and mental health!

Elimination is a necessity of evolution, moving on is a necessity for transitional phase. We all have something or the other in life we are trying to move on from – friendships, relationship, family, bullying, unhealthy living… and that is a reminder of the remarkable courage you bear inside of you, the courage to just let go and MOVE ON! And while you’re trying to move on, remember this…

When you’re trying to move on,
From place, post, person,or past…

Remember to let the hair loose often,
letting go of the pain, of the past, of the loneliness,

Remember to not search for closures in toxic relations, for not every circumstance is meant for one, sometimes, we have to make the best sense of it is what it is,

Remember, that not everyone can apologize
even if they want to for doing something hurtful to you,

Remember that if they knew better, they’d act and treat better,
They possibly didn’t; Let go, grudge and anger will only confine your growth.

Remember, how they moved on in a speed faster than a bullet from gun, while you sat there healing like a broken bone,
That tells the substance that you’re made of, and nothing about such a human can be so shameful,
Take your time.

Remember, sometimes, even the best of blessings fails when people are not capable to receive them, what you did was upto your receptivity, what they did, it’s got nothing to do with you.

Remember to forgive them, even if the repercussions may take years for you to heal from,
It’s only from this point that melted gold seeps in to join the cracks of a broken heart. 

Remember, that you have imperfections too,
it’s fine to accept them, it’s not always else’s fault… empathize, improve…

Remember to keep wheeling forward, like a traveler who’s here to lessen the baggage; Of past to reach a destination that drives the heart.

Remember, that the journey has always been OF and FOR you,
so, it should undoubtedly be most comfortable to you, at your own pace.

Remember, that everyone will have their expert opinions to give and remarks to pull you down,
But you’ll also have poems and unrelated people who’ll uplift your spirits in this phase.

Remember to brace yourself for the precious moments that await, for bigger picture,
To reform yourself, and imbue all the beauty that’s pouring with the rains…

Remember, you want to be so well versed and in acceptance of the pain,
That you will not punish your next with undealt burden of the past.

Remember to be grateful for the heartaches,
Remember to be grateful for being so imperfect,
Remember to be grateful for having this journey that is making your spirit so indestructible,
That you shall be so loving in your reclusion,
You’ll only attract the kind of love that would need no reclusion from.

-Madhvi Panchal


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Madhvi Panchal

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  1. Thank you for writing such wonderful piece, it’s really motivating and will definitely going to help me to unpack my baggage and set myself free.

    Good vibes

  2. Great piece of work!
    There are so many wonderful aspects of life that you have covered in the poem which hinders our ability to move on such as seeking for closure, waiting for an apology and the importance of forgiveness. However, i find the best part of the poen to be “Remember, that the journey has always been OF and FOR you”

  3. Hey,
    What a guide, I must say, your guides are awesome and I enjoy reading them. You write to the point and with clear and eye-catchy UI, your blog looks great.
    I have bookmarked your website, keep posting articles like this.

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