10 Simple Life Changing Habits To Begin With

10 Simple Life Changing Habits To Begin With

#Self-improvement Series 1- Introduction

So much has happened in this year! A turnaround for so many of us in so many ways. Waiting for a new day, with new hope. One of the major reasons, we are so excited about the new day/month/year is because we secretly hope that at least this coming period will pull us out of the mess…and suddenly we will be blooming with happiness, dancing in dollar-shower, getting into a relationship for real!… Am I right? Isn’t hope like hay to heartfulness? Letting the reality sink in, it just won’t happen by simply wishing for it. Let’s take the steering in our hand and give our solo drive of life a manual detailing. We are all in this drive alone, together.

If you feel more aloof from yourself and your goals more than ever before, I believe this blog will help you in some way for sure. In all my blogs written before, I haven’t preached what I don’t practice. This blog has the same adherence. I am either working, or will be soon working or have already worked on the delineation below. In this series on SELF-IMPROVEMENT, we will dwell on every single tip, imbibe and apply. One blog each expertise in one tip. I suggest instead of trying to work on all habits simultaneously and then dumping them altogether out of exhaustion, pick and work on one habit at a time.

Replace the ‘I don’t have time’ with ‘How can I not take out time for it!.’

1.       Waking up early

When was the last time you woke up to the chirping of birds, warm coffee in hand and subtle rays falling on your face? Morning atmosphere is rippled with positive vibes and energy. It’s a significant booster in prioritization of the daily chores. Prioritization itself will leave you with time in hands to do the things you ideally aren’t able to take out time for.

2.       Reading

‘The more you will read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go’ – Dr.Seuss . I cannot emphasize enough on how much reading contributes to the personality that you will mould. The moment you start treating reading as a privilege and not a chore, it will begin to change you in so many ways. Unravel the work of countless genius minds inked on the crisp pages. With reading, you learn how to improve yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY1

3.       Exercise

Lockdown has come along with so much of lethargy, ikr! But don’t let the body stale sooner that it should, begin with 15 mins walk, even that goes far you see…The benefits are already spoken of a lot and it is not that most of you do not intend to do it. But…laziness… and then you have Netflix and Prime, and the excellence we have achieved in giving ‘genuine excuses’!  With so many fun options for work out available these days, we will dive into the options and the best fit to be healthy in this series.

4.       Timely meal

Having food in time has equal importance as having right diet, in my opinion. Our body is so intelligent and very intricate about the processes, it works as per its own clock. Timely Meals has enumerous advantages right from weight control to immunity to hormonal balance. Especially in times like these, this habit has a huge role to play. In youth, this is often skipped as it is not being thought about in the long run. Well, we are going to get old someday, and we have all resources to make it a pleasant age!

5.       Self-Reflection

Essence of a day lived: To see if you put energies where needed, whether it served the purpose, whether it could have been discarded and maybe time and resources could have been saved. Reflection on day to day activities reduces the opportunity cost in most situations gives platform for more confidence, constant self-growth, a precision in daily chores, decision making, conversations made, food, finance, love-life, etc. Self reflection is the major identifier of how far you’ve come and how far are you planning to go. Unless we don’t know where we stand, we won’t accept or believe that there can be a better place for us.

6.       Switching from chemical to organic

You grow profoundly content knowing that what you leave behind is a better place to live in. Consciously making sustainable choices won’t only help fight climate crisis but also the body; The body prefers organic over chemical! The FMCG outlets are filled with processed food, toxic soaps and shampoos, cancerous plastic containers, etc. Not only is the transition from all-chemical to mostly-organic going to pay you off with abundance of youth and health in the long term, but you will also be leaving earth with undeniably lesser carbon print!

7.       Pause-Process-Pitch

Taking a pause to process what a person is trying to convey, not only gives you time to understand his/her perspective but also turn the conversation more fruitful. Communication is not a competition.  Don’t you love it when you have someone who listens to you and takes efforts in understand what is being confided. Well, let’s be that person!

8.       Charity begins at home

Only when charity begins at home, I’d say it has begun right. What is not good from inside, will have to be covered up so much from the outside. Treat your family right even if that is not the reciprocation, share knowledge there first, in my opinion, internal broken ties will always hinder the ties you want to make out in the world!

9.       Gratitude, fortitude

Being grateful is a quality that begins as a habit. To be aware that you could have been anyone living a kind of life that you dread. You could have been that malnourished boy selling balloons, or that victim of domestic violence, or being one of the souls who passed away today. In some way, don’t you think it is a tiny stroke of luck that you are none of them but merrily reading this blog in your comfort with the facilities more than half Indians can only dream of? Accept, but persevere.

10.   Unhindering hunch!

Intuition outbeats intelligence. Not meaning that logic and quantitative evaluation has any less importance, but that first hunch that you get, something that you know without knowing it, is the super power we possess. Incorporate it, believe in your gut!

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